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Confused About All The Medicare Plan Options This Year?
People Who Work With Me Get The Very Best Deal On Their Medicare Plans Every Year.  See How You Can Too-For Free-In The Video Below! 

ST GEORGE, UT - When Barbara came to me she was confused and overwhelmed about her Medicare plan options for the next year.  She was especially frustrated by the cost of her prescriptions.  I noticed that she had a fairly popular plan, but she was paying a lot for her medications.

Unfortunately for Barbara, I see this very often when I meet someone new.    Whether it is a Part D Prescription plan, a Medicare Advantage plan, or Medicare Supplement(F, G, N, etc), there are so many choices and prices and copays. And trying to compare them all yourself is a nightmare.   I know because I spend many days recertifying and learning about all the products in our area to be ready for Medicare Annual Enrollment.

Just like Barbara, you get bombarded with mail, email, facebook, radio, television and newspaper with ad after ad and they all have the same thing in common and it's a big problem.  They're pushing only one product and they want you to buy from them regardless or your actual needs.

What Barbara learned from me is that I shop the market FOR HER, and find the best option FOR HER, not for the insurance company that advertised the most.  Fortunately for Barbara I am an independent broker and contract with many companies(you can see a few of their logos below). The reality is there is NO ONE BEST PLAN.  It doesn't exist!

But don't misunderstand me, there is one or two that are best for you, but there is no one company or product that is best for everyone.  That is why my offer is to be your Guide through the Medicare Plans for this year and every year going forward.  Now when Barbara comes to my office we catch up on her changes and adapt her Medicare Guided Map and plan with a clear Analysis with effortless enrollment.

She can see for herself with crystal clear understanding  what she is going to pay for premiums and prescriptions for the next year.  No hassle, and she doesn't pay me a thing for my expertise.  You see the companies that we place the plans with pay me so Barbara and you don't have to pay me directly.  So now Barbara knows she has the right plan at the right price because we guide her through the Medicare landscape.

There isn't much time! The Medicare Annual Election Period only goes from October 15th through December 7th and that's only 7 full weeks of time to get your plans mapped, analyzed, and enrolled.  Believe me, we get a lot done in a short amount of time! We meet Barbara and all our other clients face to face in our office, or over the phone, or via web conference during this time.  But I always leave 5 spots open per week to bring in new clients like you, so you can get the same peace of mind as Barbara knowing you have the best value for your Medicare dollars this year and every year.

Get One of Only 5 Spots Per Week Available to New Clients for Your Free Personalized Medicare Guided Map & Analysis!
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Get Your Medicare Guided Map & Analysis and One of Only 5 Spots Per week by Calling (435)986-4166 or Filling in Your Request Below. We Will Find You The Right Plan at the Right Price!
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A Medicare Guided Map & Analysis Is Free And Gives You All of the Following
  • Crystal Clarity Knowing What You Will Pay in Prescriptions and Premiums so that You can Have Peace of Mind for 2021
  • Coordination with Your Favorite Pharmacy, Doctors, Dentists, Optometrist, Gyms, and Providers So You Can Avoid Surprises or Unnecessary Changes
  • Effortless Enrollment into a Plan or Plans that are Suited to Your Needs
  • We Shop the Medicare Landscape with our Big Lineup of Companies to Find You the Best Values(See the Logos Below)
  • You Save Huge Amounts of Time and Headache because We Do All the Comparing and Analyzing for You So You Can Rest Assured You Have The Right Plan at the Right Price
  • We've Done this for 17 Years And Do It Quickly and Accurately Year after Year For Your Assurance and Peace of Mind

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"It's no surprise to find a client overpaying by more than $500 a year for meds when we do an Free Annual Medicare Guided Map & Analysis.  That's when we do something great for them and enroll them in the right plan going forward."
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David Patrick, LUTCF
Insurance Agent / Broker
"I love helping my medicare clients, I have done a lot of other kinds of insurance in my career, but I see this as the most personally fulfilling kind of experience because it is serving people one on one."
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Sandee Card
Insurance Agent / Broker

"I really love educating my clients on how their medicare works. When it's done right we can save people a lot of time and frustration.  And I really like meeting my clients or talking on the phone and helping them throughout the year.

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Cindy Williamson
Insurance Agent / Broker
Our Clients Say It Best
Get your Free Personalized Medicare Guided Map & Analysis So You Can Have the Right Plan for the Right Price for all of 2021
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Our winning formula is simple
Advice and Years of Experience
You don't have time to research all about Medicare so our guidance is invaluable.
We Are Brokers
We  shop the market for you, so you dont' have too.  We work with all the major companies for every kind of Medicare plan. 
We Review Your Plans Yearly
You get our expertise year after year.  We want you to protect your treasure chest from overspending unknowingly on the wrong plan.  We'll find you the Right Plan at the Right Price!
Don't Overpay or Get Undervalued!
Maybe you think you have a great plan, but you don't know what you don't know.
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